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  • How do we get our video?
    I use an online service called VidFlow to deliver your final footage to you in a simple format that can be streamed from virtually anywhere. Your video has a unique URL ( that you can access at any time. However, VidFlow also has a smart TV app and apps for most streaming devices as well. So watch your wedding in 4K on your TV! However, you can also download the video from VidFlow and save it to any cloud storage you want (which I highly recommend) Further-proofing your wedding video is difficult since we can't predict where technology will be in the future, but this method gives us the best solution.
  • When do I pay you?
    I remember what it was like marrying young and being on a budget. I married my high-school sweet heart at 21 while we were still in college. That is why I do not require a deposit. However, I've had couples pay one of three ways: I've had some couples who wanted to budget out and pay installments every few months prior to the wedding. Some did not want to worry about the payment the day of the wedding with everything else going on, so they have paid the full amount in advance via check or Venmo. Or most have just paid me the day of.
  • How many hours is a full-day wedding?
    In many hours as it takes to tell the story of your day. I arrive when the bride is getting her hair done and leave when I feel I have enough footage from the reception.
  • How do I book with you?
    Just send me an email, and I'll check my calendar :) If the date works, I will send you a questionnaire that you and your significant other fill out that helps me to get to know you as a couple. I also use this information to help personalize your video just for you, such as style of music you guys like. Once you submit the questionnaire, your date is locked in on my calendar. You can reach me at
  • Do you do video AND photos?
    I am a solo-creator, and the gear I have right now was purchased for weddings with video in mind. Yes, I am able to take photos, but when it comes to is my specialty ;)
  • Do you have a travel fee?
    Anything within an hour drive of Elkader, IA does not include a travel fee. Anything else is an extra $100. If the destination requires staying overnight, cost of hotel will also be included. But all of this will be decided and discussed in advance and before the couple decides to book with me.
  • What kind of photography do you do?
    Primarily special events where candid photos may be used later for future promotional materials. However, I have also done senior photos.
  • How do I book with you?
    Just send me an email, and I'll check my calendar :)
  • What do you use to design my website?
    I use Wix, an online website design tool. We can purchase your domain directly through Wix as well, and they have great tools that help me to make your site mobile-friendly too!
  • What's it cost to have you design a site for me?
    It really depends on what kind of site you're looking to have. Basic sites that don't require a variety of functions (i.e. online store, online booking, etc.) start at $500. However, if a site has bigger functions that need to be put in place that require more time, then it will cost more. It's important to note that this is only for my design services. Wix requires a premium account in order to connect a domain (this is your .com), and the cost of the domain if you don't already have one. This annual premium account is attached to your credit card, not mine. That way you're informed of when it renews. The price of a premium Wix account depends on what kind of site you're looking to have.
  • Will my website be mobile-friendly?
    Yes! Wix has great tools that help me to do this. With much of the web being accessed through mobile devices these days, NOT having your site mobile-friendly would be missing out on a huge market audience.
  • Do you maintain the website?
    In most cases, depending on the functions of your website, I can do the initial creation and setup and then "train" someone else to maintain it (that may be you or someone else). However, if you want me to maintain the site (make changes when you need them made throughout the year), that will be a yearly maintenance cost of $250.
  • How will I know how my site is doing?
    There are great analytics tools on the Wix dashboard that can tell us this. If you wish, I can add you as a contributor so you can log in and look at the data anytime you wish.
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